Helping Hands of Franklin County, VA

Our Organization

Helping Hands was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency November 14, 1994. Its founder, Thomas K. Boyle, served as Director from that date until November, 2001, when the Sam Campbell, succeeded him. Our Director as of 2018 is Kay Saleeby.

Helping Hands is staffed by volunteer citizens of Franklin County and is governed by a Board of Directors representing a cross section of business and professional individuals living and working in the County.

Over the years, Helping Hands has provided financial assistance and counseling for thousands of county residents who found themseves needing emergency aid.

How We Help

Helping Hands...
  • Helps with electric bill termination notices, rent or mortgage issues, heating fuel, prescription medication, and other emergency needs.
  • Is intended for emergencies, not for support.
  • Reserves the right to withhold assistance after helping once in eighteen months or three times in five years.
  • Provides budget counseling for each client.
  • Refers clients to other appropriate agencies.

How We Are Funded

  • United Way of Franklin County
  • Contributions from churches, individuals, civic clubs
  • Franklin County Board of Supervisors
  • Town of Rocky Mount
  • Grants and fund-raising efforts
  • Smith Mountain Lake Charity Home Tour (when eligible and selected)